in ye olde december of 2019 i became unequivocally obsessed with Portal (2007) and Portal 2 (2011). at some point i developed some strange daydream involving the game's silent protagonist and absent.. guy who lives in the wall, meeting up after the events of aperture and living together post-combine war.

this eventually amounted to a historic peak in my neurosis called sleeping states (after the g&th song) which you can read here. this fictional apartment has existed in my mind for over two years in sickening detail so i made it in the sims 2

aow she's a brick. house

1 / 3
bit barren but it's what my mind concoted
2 / 3
even found a cube to go in it. tee hee
3 / 3
lobby + commons area

you won't know because you're not in my brain but this is all very accurate to the point it felt a little unnerving..
i had a lot of fun building it and listening to sims music.

and what is a house with-out its constituents

i put chell in this stupid outfit i might change later. not sure if i think she'd actually wear it
but it's cute

doug sports a sweater and green cargo pants not only because i wear that kind but also you must imagine this is taking place in a world that was destroyed by alien warfare in the mid 2000s, although technically it's taking place in the sims 2 which.. is also from the mid 2000s

they hit it off surprisingly well for him being a very shy sim and both a bit grouchy.. although chell did get a thought bubble of him with a red prohibition sign later which was funny lol

doug makes his first painting in the apartment, hopefully of many. i haven't seen most of the paintings in ts2

later, chell tries her hand at the old piano in the building. i had wondered which one of them would take interest in it

he burnt dinner -_-

rattmann sleeps in the sucky room so chell can have the big one


the day ends with doug having 2 creativity skill points and chell having 1 creativity and 1 fitness

i just like watching him paint it feels like sim doug is in his element

makin' lunch

my.. cunsumption? well alright guess there's no utility bill today

caught doug doing that thing artists do where they frame something with their hands. that CREEP doug rattmann

hey have you heard this voiceline. the quote in the wiki reads "that bastard doug rattmann" instead and i don't know if it ever was actually written down that way or if the person writing that misremembered it but both are pretty good. yeah. i love all the extra lines they had simmons do

enjoy your christmas bonuses knowing he took most of them. jerks.

anyway smoothing things over with some cable television
before that i had him tell chell a "story about computers".. hmm

making her bed...okay

as all good games will do it crashed shortly after but I didn't lose too much. my blunder for tabbing in and out taking pictures

but we would've ended the day with about 4 points in creativity for doug, and another fitness point for chell

I'm still not sure which jobs I want to pick up for them, or if i want to at all. the thing about sims 2 is that most sims reaallly love having a career but it leaves less time to actually play with them when they're at work most of the day

they're good on money so that's a problem for later me, although sim doug ironically did roll a want to go into the science career

tune in next time for more whatever the fuck is happening here