Name: Sofia
Date Of Birth: 12/8/????
Gender: ?
Height: Shorter than some but taller than others
Weight: Not a lot
Eye Color: Dirt
Hair Color: Dirt
Sexuality: What the fuck
Greatest Fear: Hey
Exact Geographical Location: Woods
Every Single Mental Illness,
Psychological Abberation,
And Potential Trigger I Have:
None of your beeswax
Likes: Nature, Art, Yoga, Music,
Photography, Laying on the floor,
Teeth, Dancing, Sewing, Biking,
Reading, Browsing the Web (Allegedly)

Media interests: Portal, 17776,
Borderlands, Resident Evil, Half-Life,
System Shock, Alien (1979), Worlds.com
Psychonauts, Life Is Strange, Petscop

Music: Aurora, SOAD, The Lemon Twigs
Alex G, Gregory & The Hawk, MCR,
Margot & The Nuclear So And So's, etc

Dislikes: This is a happy place I'm
Not Telling

Songs I Listen To When The Internet Doesn't Work
Hint: Click the top left of each player to pause them Sorry it's annoying

I don't remember why Ace Of Base - All That She Wants
is on my computer. I don't recall ever downloading it.
All I know is that I now associate this song with playing Half-Life 1
while my internet was out, over and over, on loop. For multiple days.
It became the song that got me through the hard parts of the game
because how could I be on edge if I'm listening to Ace Of Base

This one came from playing the short but impactful game Pen Palz,
and I could describe the song the same way

Same origin as the previous one. This one sounds bittersweet
like the end of a relationship with someone you once loved very much.

It's from the Smile For Me one year anniversary epilogue. Peaceful

I converted this one for my best friend to put on their mp3 player
per his request and didn't bother to delete it

And More...


Ok. One fateful December night a little girl was born in some town in Oregon
and has been a blessing upon this Earth ever since. Actually more of a plague

I live in a small house in the woods on a mountain with 6 1/2 cats,
and I don't go to school so I spend most of my time on my pc or wandering around
the forest doing vaguely illegal activities or just looking at mushrooms.

Unfortunately my main passion in life is art and always has been
Making it and looking at other people's is why I have still so much love in my heart
Despite everything