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This page is mostly for people coming from Tumblr.


Do you do commissions?

Do you take requests?
Yes, you may send in requests related to my OCs or fandoms I'm in.

What do you use to draw?
Digitally: Paint Tool Sai (brushes). Sometimes Drawpile. I use a Wacom Intuos Art Medium.

Traditionally: St. Petersburg White Nights watercolors and whatever paper and pencils I can find. I <3 ballpoint pens.

How long have you been drawing?
Since always, but I got serious about it when I was 11.
I've gotten less serious as time went on.

Can I dm you?
Go ahead. I bite, though.

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This website/blog is not friendly towards TERFs, racists, bootlickers, proshippers, and/or pro-ana individuals. Leave me alone.

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Please be mindful if you're an adult interacting with me. I'm fine with following, but I don't like it when older people (especially men) take vehement interest in me.

Again, talking is alright. Persistent and personal private messages from
strangers is not. I block a lot of people, no hard feelings.

I like to draw fanart for a lot of different things. I don't mind if you unfollow because I don't post things you're interested anymore, but I usually come back around to stuff.

Thanks for reading, happy browsing! :-)

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