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This page is mostly for people coming from Tumblr.

This website/blog is not friendly towards TERFs, racists, bootlickers, proshippers, and/or pro-ana individuals. Leave me alone.

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Do you do commissions?

Do you take requests?

(Please only ask about things related to media I've posted about or my OCs.)

What do you use to draw?
Digitally: Paint Tool Sai 2, sometimes Drawpile. I use an Xp-pen Artist Pro 16.

Traditionally: St. Petersburg White Nights watercolors and whatever paper and pencils are around. I <3 ballpoint pens.

How long have you been drawing?
Since always, but I got serious about it when I was 11.
I've gotten less serious as time went on.

What are your pronouns?
Whatever you think they are.

Can I dm you?
Ok. I bite, though.

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I like to draw fanart for a lot of different things, and whatever else I feel like. I don't care if you unfollow because I don't post things you're interested in anymore, but I usually do come back around to stuff.

Thanks for reading, happy browsing! :--)

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