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i wouldn't be into vocaloid if it weren't for my best friend & an acquaintance on a dress-up site back in 2014 or so but now i listen to music utilizing vocal synths every day and i love it here are my top 10 favorite vocaloid songs

this list is mostly really popular things because a lot of what i feel obligated to consider my "all-time favorites" are just whatever i listened to back then because i've known them the longest


1. matryoshka by hachi

i love this song and how it doesn't make any sense. the drawings in the mv were very cool to me it's just one of the awesomest things someone's ever made. he is very very good at what he does. one of the first vocaloid songs that really captivated me along with—


2. panda hero by hachi

hachi changed the game man these offbeat illustrations and music were highly influential to my taste in aesthetics like i'm starting to realize a lot of my artistic decisions loop back around to drawing panda hero fanart as a preteen. BASEBALL :THUMBSUP: i love this song like a brother


3. bacterial contamination by kanimiso

also one of my original exposures to vocaloid, in a triad with the first two. i thought it was really scary but fascinating.. these days i adore calne ca and deino's work in general. his work inspires me a lot. it is a dream of mine to own this figure of shie


4. butterfly on your right shoulder by nori

premier. songs to dance and twirl to. i will listen to it at any time. ultimate


5. q by siinamota

-_- yeah


6. rolling girl by wowaka

a monolith what can i say that hasn't already been said


7. antichlorobenzene by owata

i like it more than paradichlorobenzene and any other in the series by some margin. very addicting. btw listen to this ridiculous mashup i think it's wonderful


8. meltdown by iroha

a classic i've only really gotten into over the last few years but i've listened to it sooo muuchh. it has nice imagery


9. chaosmaid by paraoka

this is not a vocaloid nor utau song, and paraoka isn't even a patron of those communities but he's SO badass i am putting it here anyway since it is using a vocal synth technically. i don't know what we did to deserve training diary genuinely it's very dear to me


10. I DON'T KNOW. i literally don't know.

the list of songs i've become attached to at some point or another is plentiful and covers a vast array of different styles and genres.. even if i limit it down to "ones i've liked for a long time" i still don't really know what would deserve a placing above everything else

an honorable mention to My Way Home Alone by pinocchio-p for being one that i always come back to seems fitting. it's ancient and tastes like an orange

my personal favorite vocaloids

based on how they sound as well as the cute designs because i'm a sellout ok

1. megpoid gumi

has been my fav since the start because of my appreciation for hachi. i still really like the sweet timbre of her voice, even if i honestly don't find myself listening to songs with her very often, she's always a solid choice

2. kagamine rin & len

i've been more into them than ever the last year or two. i love how they sound apart, together, whatever, i just think they've been used for some phenomenal stuff and the mirrored look is exquisite

i was playing halo when i drew the picture sorry

3. other silly picks

outside the "main group" some other guys i enjoy are iA and ONE, MEIKA hime and mikoto, kaai yuki, otomachi una, and..

4. come on man

:-( who let her in here again


i have been a hater always sorry

click here to read HATE!!!!

i've been trying to like him recently i really have been listening to a lot of covers but i can't. if i want a male vocalist i will always pick len or gakupo or kiyoteru or ruko or literally anything else

he is the only cryptonloid i don't enjoy like he ruins songs. one time i googled how old he was and it said he was like 50 and i've never stopped thinking of him as being randomly middle aged. i've had him turned into a dog, TWICE.
DON'T. ASK. although i guess that's not that weird. he sounds like kermit being drowned. 1 time i drew a vocaloid lineup and The world smited me for excluding kaito. I'M. SORRY. I. CAN'T. HELP. IT. he's somehow too yaoiful and also not yaoiful enough. again, i don't want to elaborate on what that means. i literally didn't know he was supposed to be winter themed until a while ago, i thought the scarf was for no reason. Snowman is a len song only, in my mind

that being said i really enjoy Erase Or Zero and Paired Wintry Wind and Ohedo Julia Night and some others.. and it makes me happy that other people like him and they make nice drawings so i feel bad for ragging on him kaito fans if you still want to i want us to live in peace so there can be unity in this world

sometimes i think he's winning me over like i am a werewolf experiencing the transformation of the curse but it never works. it's just more fun to be comedically disgusted by his presence it's not serious ok i'm a lover and a fighter i have duality i can be both. also the way naoto fuuga feels about him makes me smirk go get em tiger

honorable mentions/producer spotlight

there are hundreds of vocaloid producers and individual songs that i've enjoyed in the past near decade, naturally i want to talk about all of them..

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i found this artist by chance on a reupload of their song Welcome to the End of the World on tumblr

they haven't released that many songs, but i really covet each of them

My Tonsils Hurt and Girl Who Tends to Look Downcast are particularly touching.. i don't want to get too personal so instead i'm going to put a limelight on this random commenter on a youtube reupload of the latter and let you infer whatever you want to infer from that

(listen to their work here)

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on the topic of powapowa-p/siinamota, though it feels weird to use a somewhat unneccessary conflation as a segue, what he has left behind resonates as well. i'll follow suit; if colloid's music sounds like finality, siinamota's music sounds like continuity. and that doesn't have any logic to it but it's just what it feels like to me, even if that is selfish.

his body of work elicits a type of intimate response, i believe because he operated from a place many people spend a lot of time inhabiting.

something that calls you home, something that pushes you forward..
my warped perspective of what "teach me how to walk tomorrow" means

(listen to their work here)

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i think the first kikuo song i heard was Yoru no Uta, and then maybe Kara Kara Kara no Kara shortly after.

his music is so beautiful :-)

i really wanted to put Hitogawari on my top 10 because it is my favorite kikuo song, i do treasure everything he's made with YURiCa, but it's not vocaloid. >_<

my other favorite non-collaborative songs he's produced are I'll Forgive You Even If You Die, Chiri Chiri Juso, And Then You Became the Moon, and of course Hole-Dwelling, You Are A Useless Child, Gomenne Gomenne, well there are also others. i think i really am a big fan there's too many to list.

(listen to their work here)

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what a powerhouse he's put out so many awesome songs for people to enjoy. there was a period of time where i basically repeat his discography day in and day out. some of my favorites are SLoWMoTIoN, All I Need are Things I Like, and SAYONARA HUMAN.

oh, and I'm Glad You're Evil too. daisy if i made you a mixtape that'd be on it originally because i thought the title was funny but i think the sentiment is nice

(listen to their work here)

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the first SLAVE.V-V-R song i heard was Let's die together in Kurashiki, the day that it came out.

it is characteristic of his other works, featuring a creative, and erratic yet cohesive sound in the composition and vocal style. i thought it was interesting.

later i was reintroduced to him through rindustrial here on neocities' music page, and became very invested for the rest of the year.. ^_^ some of my favorites are An Abonimably Huge Flower, I'll hit you 8759632145 times with this piano, Love affair and Make love,Um…come on, and『Ultra Rupture』

(listen to their work here)

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no image

this is a producer daisy posted a song from, Fond Farewell, and i really liked it as well as one called Reach over the Distance, i was super obsessed with those for a while

although there is a reupload of one of their songs that has a considerable amount of views, none of their art seems to be very widely received. they don't post anymore but i think the dulcet quality to their music is deserving of recognition. also i like the mvs

(listen to their work here)

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dennoko made his initial impact on me with his most popular release, Dai Dai Dai Kirai. i don't know how many hours i listened to it on loop... his songs are ridiculously catchy. he's very talented at composing, and often experiments with different styles. every one is captivating and exciting to listen to. he has a knack for songs with a sense of humor, forefront in songs like Mission Vocaloid Commercial, Holy Night With Pouring Happiness, & many others. i feel the urge to stop what i'm doing to hear what story he has to tell whenever his music comes on

my favorite song he's made is Ningentte Yadana. i will listen to the chorus and spin wildly, with reckless abandon, forever.

i may now associate aoki lapis with him, who he uses as a vocalist the most. i've liked lapis and merli for a long time so i'm glad to see someone who uses them...! dennoko is also capable of making me forget my dislike for kaito. his artwork and pvs are addicting, too

i recommend everything he's ever made, but some more songs i'll mention are World Is NOT Beautiful, I Cry & Sigh Overnight,『±0』, and TaRaTooTo RaTaTeeTa.

(listen to their work here)

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let's start like this: this is the best music utilizing kagamine rin that there is

hikkie produces some of the most beautiful industrial tracks i've ever heard, i mean that very literally, as in the all-out assault that is how he contorts synths and splatters them with noise to create harsh unnatural tunes makes his vocaloid music sound the most human out there, something people are always trying to seek out and praise certain vocaloids for, but he accomplishes it moreso than any automatic note-breaths or ai-voicebanks made to sound like a person can accomplish, to me. the emotion is there in how every song sounds like it's being thrown against concrete

liberal pops is a song that's more simply pop, but ideally illustrates what i mean. it is 2:21 and in my opinion perfect second to second. beginning with compressed echoing calls like water droplets, continuing with rin's almost desperate, pleading voice that struggles and skips up and down notes, admitting she spent the whole day alone, she spoke to no one.

the bassline starts 20 seconds in, thrumming evenly from side to side like an unsteady heartbeat. rin is on the verge of whistle-tone as she states that even so, your beauty was appreciated from these depths. it sounds like the way a faltering voice wishes it could sound during a meltdown, when it's too tired, strung out. it's like voyeurism for the depressed soul. a heightened cathartic whine played out electronically, though it was generated by human touch. the soundscape keeps layering and intensifying in a march. her further distorted voice calls out: smile, have faith. it's not that i want to lose you. jibun o yuu-ki-zu-ke-te~ at 2:00 everything halts and opens up into an angelic resounding synth that sounds like you've reached digital nirvana. she will rest now. it ends with a noise like a shiver-shudder

i feel similarly passionate about every song on the record...

rindustrial is probably the most uninitiated-friendly album to start with because of its poppy melodic style compared to eutopia, which is also the best and also my favorite.

eutopia is an album that wants to mean war but can't help getting off track. listen before bed. eutopia is where brightness starts and ends, a pile of garbage and stone and sand, and an angel's halation. it lasts 2 hours at the length of 1. it's a journey! i forget where i am when i put it on. certified classic, it's the sweetest thing. there's no more almost-scream anymore it's just real screaming yeah

some of my other favorite songs are A Cramped Day, Shini-Tai-Wa, Mazerunakirin, The Light Seeing You, & The Following Year Of Sensation. let's all appreciate this light feeling...ok?

(listen to their work here)

closing thoughts

songs cool 👍

i've had a lot of fun digging up stuff to listen to
send me voca/utau songs that you like thank you goodbye
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written 2023